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About us

Since 2012, Crossland Safaris has established itself as a leader in creating unforgettable experiences in East and Southern Africa. We specialize in exclusive, tailor-made designs that are perfect for honeymoons, family trips, wildlife adventures, and multi-generational journeys. Unlock all the secrets of the savannah in Africa and witness the circle of life as it unfolds around you.

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We chose our company name “Croosland Safaris” for the objective of a coming together of thousands of visitors to Africa to experience a distinct destination, vision or particular interest. Africa is a richly diverse continent attracting people for a variety of reasons, from a wilderness love of natural scenic beauty, flora, and fauna, to an appreciation of the spiritual value of different tribal interactions, history, and attitudes. AfricanMecca is a lodestone for nature-seeking travelers in pursuit of a thoroughly unspoiled combination of all that African tourism has to offer in terms of culture, wildlife and activities from the point of view of her own people.